Dr. Qingjun Xiao    (肖卿俊)
Assistant Professor
School of Computer Science and Engineering
Southeast University of China
Phone: 025-52091022
Office: Room 212, Computer Science Building, JiuLongHu Campus of Southeast University, Nanjing, P.R. China
Brief Biography
  • Dr. Xiao is an assistant professor at the school of computer science and engineering in Southeast University, China. He received his PhD degree on 2011 from the computing department of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, under the supervision of Prof. Bin Xiao and Prof. Jiannong Cao (IEEE fellow). Afterwards, he joined the computer science department of Georgia State University as a postdoctoral researcher, where he worked with Prof. Wenzhan Song (now chair professor of UGA) from February 2012 to March 2013. Then, he went to computer science department at University of Florida as a postdoctoral researcher, where he worked with Prof. Shigang Chen (IEEE fellow) from April 2013 to May 2014. He joined Southeast University of China on May 2014.
  • M.Sc. Opportunity: We are looking for good master candidates in the areas of big network data, resource-constrained analysis of data streams, management and security of data center networks, and RFID-based wireless powered systems. Send me your CV and publication list if you have interest to join our team.
  • 招收研究生: 我们实验室目前主要关注如下的科研领域: 网络大数据分析、资源受限情形下的高效流式数据分析、数据中心网络的管理和网络安全、基于无线射频识别的无线可充电系统等。希望有兴趣加入我们实验室的同学发送个人简历、项目经历和文章列表到我的邮箱。
Latest News
  • [2017-09-07] A paper "Cardinality estimation for elephant flows: A compact solution based on virtual register sharing" has been accepted by IEEE/ACM TON.
  • [2017-06-22] Our HyperLogLog-TailCut algorithm (published in the proceedings of INFOCOM'17) for memory-efficient cardinality estimation of data streams has been implemented by Go language on Github ---- https://github.com/axiomhq/hlltc. It becomes one of the most popular hyperloglog implementations, according to two posts from Hacker News: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14636699 and https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14637171
  • [2017-05-27] A paper "Adaptive joint estimation protocol for arbitrary pair of tag sets in a distributed RFID system" has been accepted by IEEE/ACM TON.
  • [2017-05-13] Have received a "RISING STAR" award from ACM Nanjing chapter during the ACM Turing 50th Celebration Conference - China.
  • [2016-11-26] My paper titled "Better with fewer bits: Improving the performance of cardinality estimation of data streams" is accepted by IEEE INFOCOM'17.
  • [2016-09-08] A coauthored book titled "Traffic measurement for big network data" has been accepted for publication on Springer [url].
  • [2016-07-08] Invited to visit the University of Göttingen and give a talk about "Hyper-compact stream cardinality estimators for big network data".
  • [2016-06-06] A paper titled "Collision-aware churn estimation in large-scale dynamic RFID systems" is accepted by IEEE/ACM TON.
  • [2016-04-02] A paper titled "Joint property estimation for multiple RFID tag sets using snapshots of variable lengths" is accepted by ACM MOBIHOC'16.
  • [2015-08-27] Our stream processing algorithm, proposed in ACM SIGMETRICS'15 paper, has been adopted by developers from Xamarin.com to support their mobile phone application monitoring system. The open-source library can be downloaded at https://github.com/seiflotfy/vhll
  • [2015-08-20] A startup grant for young scientists (No. 61502098) is received from National Natural Science Foundation of China.
  • [2015-06-15] A startup grant for young scientists (No. BK20150629) is received from Jiangsu Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China.
  • [2015-03-09] A paper "Temporally or spatially dispersed joint RFID estimation using snapshots of variable lengths" is accepted by ACM MOBIHOC'15.
  • [2015-02-09] A paper "Hyper-compact virtual estimators for big network data based on register sharing" is accepted by ACM SIGMETRICS'15.
  • [2014-07-01] A paper "Estimating persistent spreads in high-speed networks" is accepted by IEEE ICNP'14.
Technical Program Committee Member
Research Interests
  • Resource-constrained and real-time recognition of traffic pattern in high-speed communication networks
  • Novel applications and cross-layer protocol design in wireless powered embedded systems
  • Interesting applications in wireless sensor networks, e.g., sensor localization, robot navigation, and human gesture recognition, to list a few
  • Disruption-tolerant unicast/broadcast/multicast protocols in wireless mesh networks
  • Design and model checking of business workflows in service-oriented architecture
Academic Projects Involved
  • 2015-2017: Real-time Processing of Network Streaming Data in Temporal and Spatial Domains by Sketch Encoding and Mining
    Southeast University of China, PI: Dr. Qingjun Xiao, funded by National Science Foundation of China (No. 61502098) and National Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province (No. BK20150629), Total Amount: ¥250,000 + ¥200,000.
  • 2013-2014: Making Online Network Functions Fast and Compact
    University of Florida, PI:
    Prof. Shigang Chen, funded by US NSF (NeTS 1115548), Amount: $ 400,000.
  • 2013-2014: Dare You Put Your Data in Cloud?
    University of Florida, PI: Prof. Shigang Chen, funded by Cisco Systems Inc., Amount: $ 101,716.
  • 2012-2013: VolcanoSRI: 4D Volcano Tomography in a Large-Scale Sensor Network
    Georgia State University, PI: Prof. Wenzhan Song, funded by USA NSF-CDI-1125165, Amount: $ 1,833,608.
  • 2007-2010: Wireless Sensor Network Localization and Robot Navigation
    Hong Kong Polytechnic University, PI: Prof. Bin Xiao, funded by HongKong RGC PolyU.
Paper Review
  • Conferences:  ICNP'14, ICDCS'12, INFOCOM'11&12&13&16&17, MASS'12, WCNC'12, ICPADS'10, ICC'13
  • "In my experience, most stuff that you start is mediocre for a really long time before it actually gets good. And you can't tell if it's going to be good until you're really late in the process. So the only thing you can do is have faith that if you do enough stuff, something will turn out great and really surprise you."

    --- Ira Glass: The Wrong Stuff

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