Jun Tao

Associate Professor, Supervisor of PhD Candidates

Key Laboratory of Computer Network and Information Integration Ministry of Education,
School of Computer Science and Engineering,
Southeast University

Tel: 0086-25-52090890
E-mail: juntao at seu dot edu dot cn
2nd Si Pai Lou
School of Computer Science and Engineering
Southeast University
Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, 210096


I am now interested in Network Architecture, Wireless Network Technology(WSN, VANET, WMN, MANET), Information economics, Network Resource Allocation Technology, Network Multimedia technology and Trustworthy Network. I am ACM/IEEE member. The members of the Computer Network and Distributed Computing Committee of Jiangsu province. The members of the Cloud Computing Committee of Jiangsu province.

Research Interests

  • Wireless and mobile networks
  • High performance networks
  • Interconnection networks
  • Economics of information
  • Distributed computing and systems

Bulletin Board

  1. Award News!
    Jing and Jinghao got the National Scholarship (2017).
  2. Conf. News!
    Haotian attended IECON 2017.
  3. Paper News!
    Two papers are accepted by Globecom'17 and IECON'17!

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Current students

  • Haotian Wu(MSc): Airborne Ad hoc networks
  • Jinghao Li(MSc): Vehicular networks
  • Yao Wang(MSc): Target tracing in wireless Ad hoc networks
  • Jing Hu(MSc): Airborne Ad hoc networks
  • Ziyi Zhang(MSc): Game theory in wireless Ad hoc networks
  • Jian He(MSc): Mobile Ad hoc networks
  • Chengwei Tan(MSc): Data dissemination in MANETs
  • Jianhua Liu(MSc): Multiple objects tracing in wireless Ad hoc networks
  • Yifan Xu(MSc): Mobile social networks
  • Tianqi Zhai(MSc): Indoor Navigator in wireless networks
  • Fuqin Feng(MSc): Mobile social relationship
  • Xiao Zhong(PhD, together with Prof. Wu)
  • Former students...


    Selected Journal Papers (More...)

    1. J. Tao, Y. Xu, Z. Zhang, F. Feng, F. Tong and F. Dong, "A Resource Allocation Game with Restriction Mechanism in VANET Cloud". Concurrency and Computation: Practice & Experience .
    2. J. Tao, Y. Xu, L. Chang, C. Tan, and X. Wang, "LAOF: location-aware opportunistic forwarding scheme in mobile Ad hoc networks". Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies , (DOI: 10.1002/ett.2918).
    3. J. Tao, L. Zhu, L. Chang, J. Liu, X. Wang, and Y. Hu, "Joint Anti-attack Scheme for Channel Assignment in Multi-Radio Multi-Channel Wireless Mesh Networks". Security and Communication Networks (WILEY), (DOI: 10.1002/sec.1176).
    4. Z. Liu, J. Tao, and W. Chen, "Effect evaluation of one-hop transmission distance vs. performance in wireless sensor networks". Journal of China Institute of Communications, 54 (Z1), 2012, pp. 255-261.
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    7. J. Tao. Resource allocation model based on non-cooperative bidding game in P2P network. International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, 5(1), 2009, pp. 59.

    Selected Conference Papers (More...)

    1. Y. Xu, J. Tao, Y. Gao and L. Zeng, "Location-aware Worker Selection for Mobile Opportunistic Crowdsensing in VANETs".in Proc. 60th IEEE Global Telecommunications Conf. (GLOBECOM'17) , Singapore, 2017.
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    9. X. Deng, L. Chang, J. Tao, J. Pan, and J. Wang, "Social Profile-based Multicast Routing Scheme for Delay-Tolerant Networks", in Proc. IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2013), 2013. (Best Paper Award, 17/2422)(pdf).
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    Research Activities & Projects

    1. "Research on QoS allocation technologies based on game theory in non-cooperative networks", China National Science Foundation Project;
    2. "Research on the extension and evolution of architecture in next generation Internet", National Fundamental Research Program (973 Program) of China;
    3. "Quality control algorithms of voice in VoIP system", ZTE Research Project;
    4. "Research on New Network Service Architecture with High Availability and Related Key Technologies", Key Projects in China National Science Foundation.
    5. "Service-oriented Overlay networks and their key technologies", China National Science Foundation Project;
    6. "Network Performance Analysis and Resource Allocation Based on Multi-Scale Traffic Model", Research Fund for Doctoral Program of Higher Education;
    7. "Research of CNGI as a Whole", Demonstration Project for Next Generation Internet of China;
    8. "IPv4 to IPv6 Transition for Network Applications", Sino-Japanese Collaborative Project for Next Generation Internet;
    9. "Multi-Dimensional Extensible Internet Architecture Model and Protocol Methodologies", National Fundamental Research Program (973 Program) of China;
    10. "Research on Next Generation Network Service Architecture and Related Key Technologies", Key Projects National Natural Science Foundation Project;
    11. "Research on Algorithms and Protocols for High Performance Network Routing and Switching System", Key Projects Jiangsu Provincial Natural Science Foundation Project;
    12. "CORBA-Based Network Education Supporting Platform with QoS Capability", Specialized Research Project for Modern Distant Education.


    Algorithm Analysis and Design


    Advanced Network Programming with UNIX

    (Slides- Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4)