Brief Introduction

Authorized by Ministry of Education and former State Development and Planning Committee, College of Software Engineering (CoSE) as one of 35 national pilot software schools has been founded in December 2001 and started its undergraduate program and postgraduate program in the field of software engineering. Carrying the idea of “Pursuing Excellence”, CoSE insists on the concepts of reformation of education, normalization of administration, and creation and innovation in science and technology, integrates the sound resources and advantages of the university in the discipline of computer science, mathematics, telecommunications, IC design and engineering. After five years commitment, CoSE has formed the pedagogical model of combining class teaching with case study, strongthened foreign language learning through international academic exchange, increased employment through learning by doing, advanced the discipline through effective human resource management. CoSE has committed to provide quality professional education to produce high level software talents with the capability of creative and innovative, cross-discipline knowledge base, challenging international competition.

College Structure

CoSE's running body and its leadership are shown as below.

To normalize management and administration so as to safeguard the heath of the teaching, reseach and advising system and quality assurance system, the university establishes the Academic Committee of Software Engineering and IC Engineering and the CoSE Teaching Direction Board who provide guidance in the college's strategic planning, curriculum design, teaching implementation planning, faculy team development. CoSE also establishes the Teaching Supervision Group to perform regular evaluation and assessment on the teaching processes and effectiveness through direct contact with the faculty members and students and provide suggestions and reports to improve the college's management.


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