Professional Activities
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Intelligent Systems and Social Computing Laboratory


School of Computer Science and Engineering, Southeast University, China

Professional Activities

Editorial Board of Journals

Chinese Journal of Computers (计算机学报)

Advances in Internet of Things

Journal of Modern Internet of  Things

International Journal of Networked  Computing and Advanced Information Management

Operations Research and Fuzziology

Hans Journal of Data Mining

Circuits and Systems.

The  Scientific World Journal

Academic Societies

Senior Member, IEEE (电气电子工程师学会,高级会员)

Communication Member,China Computer Federation Task Force on Big Data(中国计算机学会大数据专家委员会,通讯委员

Senior Member, China Computer  Federation (中国计算机学会,高级会员)

Standing Member, China Computer Federation  Cooperative Computing Technical Committee(中国计算机学会协同计算专业委员会,常务委员)

Member, China Computer Federation Artificial Intelligence & Pattern Recognition Technical Committee (中国计算机学会人工智能与模式识别专业委员会,委员)

Member, ACM (美国计算机学会,会员)

Senior Member, Chinese Institute  of Electronics (中国电子学会,高级会员)

TPC Member of Conferences

2019: AAAI-19, AAMAS-19, ICEIS 2019, PAAMS'19.

2018: PAAMS-18, AAMAS-18.

2017: AAMAS-17, IEEE BigDataService 2017, PAAMS-17, SmartData-2017, IJCAI 2017 Special Track on AI and Autonomy, ICA-17, PRIMA2017.

2016: IJCAI-16, AAMAS-16, WI-16, PRIMA-16, CCCC-16.

2015: EMERGING 2015, ICEEMA 2015, IAT-15, ICT-ACT 2015, ADMI-15(Organizing Co-chairs), PRIMA-15.

2014: HCC2014, CSSS 2014, CSSE 2014, ICT Innovations 2014 ,CNCMI14, PRIMA 2014, CCSCW2014,CCFBIGDATA2014.

2013: ICT Innovations 2013, Chinacom-13, DPCS 2013, SOCIETY 2013, MICIT13  (Registration Committee Co-Chair).

2012: Open Forum on Top 10 Questions in Intelligent Informatics/Computing  of WIC2012, CWSN 2012 (Session Chair), MIC-CS'12, CACIS2012, CSCW2012, MIC-CS'12.

2011: PRIMA 2011,CWSN 2011,CiSE 2011, WiCom 2011

2010: PRIMA 2010

Review Service

IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed  Systems

IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and  Data Engineering

IEEE Transactions on Service Computing

IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics

IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing

IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man  and Cybernetics: Systems

IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics-A

IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and  Cybernetics-B

IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man  and Cybernetics-C

Information Science

Journal of Autonomous Agents and  Multi-Agent Systems

Microprocessors and Microsystems

Journal of Information  Systems and e-Business Management

International Journal of Computer Systems Science and Engineering

Journal of Intelligent Systems

International Journal of  Engineering Intelligent Systems

International Journal of Ad Hoc  and Ubiquitous Computing (IJAHUC)

Security and Communication  Networks

Journal of Computer Engineering  and Information Technology

Journal of Intelligent Learning  Systems and Applications

Ain Shams Engineering Journal  (Elsevier)

International Journal of Digital  Content Technology and its Applications


Chinese Journals:

高技术通信,电子学报,软件学报,电子与信息学报,电子学刊,模式识别与人工智能,传感技术学报,上海交通大学学报,东南大学学报等,大连理工大学学报,华南理工大学学报,China Communications.