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    Dr. Bo Liu works as a Professor in the School of Computer Science and Engineering, Doctoral Advisor, Southeast University.  She received her doctoral degree from Southeast University in 2007.  She won the first-class Science and Technology Progress Award of MoE in 2009, and she is currently working on two NSF projects. She has published more than 60 papers and most of them have been published in reputed journals and international conferences including WWW, TNNLS, WWWJ, ToN, Journal on Wireless Communications and Networks, Wireless Communication, and Mobile Computing.  Her current main research interests include spammer detection in social networks, the evolution of social community, social influence, and social recommendation.

● E-mail:  (We are looking for highly motivated undergraduate and postgraduate students aiming to perform Bachelor or MSc thesis or to enroll in a PhD program!)


Address:   School of Computer    Science & Engineering, Southeast University, 211189, Nanjing, P.R.China

Research Interests

 I am interested in social network analysis, big data and agent-based intelligent systems. In particular, I have been playing actively in:              

Online social community analysis

Social analysis and behaviour prediction in online        social network

User behaviour analysis based on big data

Crowd-sensing based trustworthy location service        in mobile social network              

Link recommendation for online social network


● NSFC(National Natural Science Foundation of China) under Grants No. 61972087, Multi-Portrait based  Anomalous Behaviour Analysis and Detection in Social Media, 2020.1~2023.12

● NSFC(National Natural Science Foundation of China) under Grants No. 61370208, Crowd-sourcing Sensing based Trustworthy Location Service in Mobile Social Network, 2014.1~2017.12

● NSFC(National Natural Science Foundation of China) under Grants No. 61003257, Commpetitive analysis based online collaborative service    for pervisive computing, 2011.1~2013.12

● The assessment and optimization of vendors for B2B e-business(collaboration    with Focus Technology Co., Ltd.), 2014.7~2015.12

National Key R&D Programmes of China 'cloud computing and Big Data' key special project under Grants No. 2017YFB1003000,  Key technologies and systems of intelligent cloud collaboration for industrial Internet, 2017.09~2021.09

● National Key R&D Programmes of China under Grants No. 2019YFC1521403, Research on Key Technologies of Public Cultural User Behavior Modeling and Intelligent Recommendation, 2020.01~2022.12

Completed Projects

Distributed network management

Multi-agent task decomposition and scheduling

Task representation for intelligent agent


  1. [KDD'23] All in one: Multi-task Prompting for Graph Neural Networks

    Xiangguo Sun, Hong Cheng, JIa Li, Bo Liu, and Jihong Guan

    ACM SIGKDD Conference On Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining. 2023.   (CCF A,Best Paper Award)

  2. [TOIS'23] Recognize News Transition from Collective Behavior for News Recommendation

    Qing Meng, Hui Yan, Bo Liu, Xiangguo Sun, Mingrui Hu, and Jiuxin Cao

    ACM Transactions on Information Systems. 2023. (SCI Q3, CCF A)

  3. [TCSS'22Attention-Fused Deep Relevancy Matching Network for Clickbait Detection

    Q. Meng, Bo Liu, Xiangguo Sun, Hui Yan, Chengyu Liang, Jiuxin Cao

    IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems. 2022. (SCI Q2, CCF A)

  4. [KBS'22] Temporal-aware and multifaceted social contexts modeling for social recommendation

    Meng Qing, Bo Liu, Hengyuan Zhang, Xuheng Sun, Jiuxin Cao, and Roy Ka-Wei Lee

    Knowledge-Based Systems, 2022: 108923. (SCI Q1, CCF C)

  5. [TCSS'22In Your Eyes: Modality Disentangling for Personality Analysis in Short Video

    Xiangguo Sun, Bo Liu, Liya Ai, Danni Liu, Qing Meng, Jiuxin Cao

    IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems. 2022. (SCI Q2)

  6. [TNNLS'22]Nowhere to Hide: Online Rumor Detection based on Retweeting Graph Neural Networks

    Bo Liu, Xiangguo Sun, Qing Meng, Xinyan Yang, Yang Lee, Jiuxin Cao, Junzhou Luo, Roy Ka-Wei Lee

    IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems. 2022. (SCI Q1, CCF B)

  7. [计算机学报'21]在线社交网络中群体影响力的建模与分析


    计算机学报, 2021, 44(6): 1064-1079. (CCF A)

  8. [TON'21]Asymptotically Optimal Online Scheduling with Arbitrary Hard Deadlines in Multi-hop Communication Networks

    Yan Gu,Bo Liu,Xiaojun Shen

     IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking(ToN). 2021, vol. , no. 01, pp. 1-15, 5555. (SCI Q1, CCF A)

  9. [WWW'21]Multi-level Hyperedge Distillation for Social Linking Prediction on Sparsely Observed Networks

    Xiangguo Sun, Hongzhi Yin, Bo Liu, Hongxu Chen, Qing Meng, Wang Han and Jiuxin Cao

    The Web Conference 2021 (CCF A

  10. [WSDM'21]Heterogeneous Hypergraph Embedding for Graph Classification

    Xiangguo Sun, Hongzhi Yin, Bo Liu, Hongxu Chen, Jiuxin Cao, Yingxia Shao, Nguyen Quoc Viet Hung

    ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining. (CCF B

  11. [ETT'20]VGMF: Visual contents and geographical influence enhanced point‐of‐interest recommendation in location‐based social network

    Bo Liu, Qing Meng,  Hengyuan Zhang,  Kun Xu,  Jiuxin Cao

    Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies. 2020. (SCI Q2)

  12. [Tsinghua Sci Technol'20]Context-aware social media user sentiment analysis

    Bo Liu, Shijiao Tang, Xiangguo Sun, Qiaoyun Chen, Jiuxin Cao, Junzhou Luo, Shanshan Zhao

    Tsinghua Science and Technology. 2020, 25(4): 528-541. (SCI Q2)

  13. [ISCC'19]Quantifying Group Influence on Individuals in Online Social Networks

    Qing Meng, Junzhou Luo, Bo Liu, Xiangguo Sun, Jiuxin Cao

    IEEE ISCC2019, Barcelona, 2019.(CCF C)

  14. [WWWJ'19]Co-Detection of crowdturfing microblogs and spammers in online social networks

    Bo Liu, Xiangguo Sun, Zeyang Ni, Jiuxin Cao, Junzhou Luo,Benyuan Liu, Xinwen Fu

    World Wide Web Journal. 2019, 23(1): 573-607.  (SCI Q2CCF A

  15. [WWWJ'19]Group- Level Personality Detection based on Text Generated  Networks

    Xiangguo Sun, Bo Liu, Qing Meng, Jiuxin Cao, Junzhou Luo, Hongzhi Yin

    World Wide Web Journal. 2019, 23(3):1887–1906. (SCI Q2CCF A

  16. [计算机研究与发展'19]社交媒体内容可信性分析与评价


    计算机研究与发展. 2019, 56(9):1939-1952.  (CCF A

  17. [WWWJ'19]Analysis of and defense against crowd-retweeting based spam in social networks

    Bo Liu , Zeyang Ni, Junzhou Luo, Jiuxin Cao, Xudong Ni, Benyuan Liu, Xinwen Fu

    World Wide Web Journal. 2019,Volume 22, Issue 6: 2953-2975. (SCI Q2CCF A

  18. [ICC'18Who Am I? Personality Detection based on Deep Learning for Texts

    Xiangguo Sun, Bo Liu, Jiuxin Cao, Junzhou Luo, Xiaojun Shen

    IEEE ICC2018, Kansas City, 2018 (CCF C)

  19. [PAKDD'18]Community discovery Based on Social Relations and Temporal-Spatial Topics in LBSNs

    Shuai Xu, Jiuxin Cao, Xuelin Zhu, Yi Dong, Bo Liu,

    The 22nd Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining(PAKDD), Melbourne, 2018 (CCF C)

  20. [ICC'16]On crowd-retweeting spamming campaign in social networks

    Bo Liu, Junzhou Luo, Jiuxin Cao, Xudong Ni, Benyuan Liu, Xinwen Fu

    IEEE ICC2016, Kuala Lumpur, 2016.5.22-2016.5.27 (CCF C)

  21. [EURASIP JWCN'16]Disjoint multi mobile agent itinerary planning for big data analytics

    Liu Bo, Cao Jiuxin, Yin Jie, Yu Wei, Liu Benyuan, Fu Xinwen

    EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, 2016.4.12, 1(12) (SCI Q3)

  22. [SCN'16]A Mobile Phone-Based Physical-Social Location Proof System for Mobile Social Network Service

    Xudong Ni, Junzhou Luo, Boying Zhang, Jin Teng, Xiaole Bai, Bo Liu, Dong Xuan

    Security and Communication Networks, 2016, 9(13 ): 1890~1904  (SCI Q3, CCF C)

  23. [WASA'15]On computing multi-agent itinerary planning in distributed wireless sensor networks

    Liu Bo, Cao Jiuxin, Yin Jie, Yu Wei, Liu Benyuan, Fu Xinwen

    10th International Conference on Wireless Algorithms, Systems, and Applications, WASA 2015, Qufu, China, 2015.8.10-2015.8.12 (CCF C)

  24. [CIKM'15]Location-Based Influence Maximization in Social Networks

    Zhou Tao, Cao Jiuxin, Liu Bo, Xu Shuai, Zhu Ziqing, Luo Junzhou,

    The 24th ACM International on Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Melbourne, 2015.10.19-2015.10.23 (CCF B)

  25. [通信学报'15]基于社会属性的PSN消息路由算法

    曹玖新, 陈高君, 杨婧, 朱子青, 刘波

    通信学报, 2015.7.17, 36(5): 13~22 (CCF A

  26. [计算机学报'15]一种基于k-核的社会网络影响最大化算法

    曹玖新, 董丹, 徐顺, 郑啸, 刘波, 罗军舟

    计算机学报, 2015.01.01, (02): 238~248 (CCF A

  27. [CSSS'14]User-credibility Based Service Reputation Management for Service Selectio

    Cao Jiuxin, Dong Yi, Qin Yi, Liu Bo, Dong Fang, Zhou Tao

    2014 International Conference on Computer Science and Service System (CSSS 2014), Bangkok, 2014.6.12-2014.6.17 (EI)

  28. [IEICE'14]On Finding Maximum Disjoint Paths for Many-to-one Routing in Wireless Multi-Hop Network

  29. Bo Liu, Junzhou Luo, Feng Shan, Wei Li, Jiahui Jin, Xiaojun Shen

    IEICE Transactions on Information and System, 2014.10.01, E97-D(10): 2632~2640 (SCI, EI)

  30. Maximum Capacity Overlapping Channel Assignment Based on Max-Cut in 802.11 Wireless Mesh Networks

    M. Yang; B. Liu; J. Luo; X. Shen

    Journal of Universal Computerence, 2014.12, 20(13): 1855~1874 (SCI)

  31. [计算机学报'14]新浪微博网信息传播分析与预测

    曹玖新; 吴江林; 石伟; 刘波; 郑啸; 罗军舟

    计算机学报, 2014.4.15, 37(04): 779~790 (CCF A

  32. [IEICE'14]A Performance Fluctuation-Aware Stochastic Scheduling Mechanism for Workflow Applications in Cloud Environment

    Fang DONG; Junzhou LUO; Bo LIU

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, 2014.10.01, E97.D(10): 2641~2651 (SCI , EI)

  33. [ICWS'13]Execution Recovery in Transactional Composite Service

  34. Cao Jiuxin, Zhou Tao, Zhu Gongrui, Liu Bo, Luo Junzhou

    2013 IEEE 20th International Conference on Web Services(ICWS 2013), Santa Clara Marriott, 2013.6.27-2013.7.2 (CCF B, EI)

  35. [CSCWD'13]Max-Cut Based Overlapping Channel Assignment for 802.11 Multi-Radio Wireless Mesh Networks

    Wei Wang, Bo Liu, Ming Yang, Junzhou Luo, Xiaojun Shen

    2013 IEEE 17th International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design, CSCWD 2013, Whistler, 2013.6.27-2013.6.29 (CCF C, EI)


  1. 刘波, 杨欣妍, 郝宵荣, 曹玖新. 基于动态信息传播演化模式的虚假信息检测方法及系统, 2022.05.30, 中国, 专利申请号:2022106010213 (专利)

  2. 刘波, 王颢迪, 林立康, 曹玖新. 基于图像取证技术的虚假人脸图像检测方法及系统, 2022.04.20, 中国, 专利申请号:202210416762.4 (专利)

  3. 刘波, 王陶然, 汪铭, 胡明芮, 曹玖新. 融合表情信息的密集视频描述方法及系统, 2022.03.16, 中国专利申请号:202210257432.5 (专利)

  4. 刘波; 陈巧云; 尹劼; 曹玖新; 罗军舟, 对齐异构社交网络中基于元路径的链路预测方法, 2017.4.14, 中国, CN201710244506.0 (专利)

  5. 刘波, 孟青, 倪泽阳, 徐坤, 曹玖新. 分布式微博数据爬取软件, 2017.2.15, 中国, 2017SR394002 (软著)

  6. 刘波; 李伟; 孟青; 卢晨旭; 黄建鹏; 房鹏展, 一种对B2B卖家效果评估和优化方法, 2016.5.25, 中国, CN105608600A (专利)

  7. 曹玖新; 薛凌云; 赵钊; 刘波, 一种基于成本效益的影响最大化方法, 2016.5.1 3, 中国, CN201610319986.8 (专利)

  8. 曹玖新; 马卓; 陈巧云; 刘波; 周涛, 一种基于LDA主题模型的OSN社区发现方法 , 2016.2.3, 中国, CN105302866A (专利)

  9. 曹玖新; 马卓; 王瑶; 刘波; 陈高君, 一种基于随机森林和用户关系的OSN用户情感分析方法, 2015.9.23, 中国, CN201510611410.4 (专利)

  10. 曹玖新; 刘波; 王晖媛; 秦屹; 董羿; 陈高君, 基于P2P的分布式Web服务发 现方法及其系统, 2013.3.19, 中国, CN201310088925.1 (专利)

  11. 罗军舟; 李伟; 刘波; 王鹏, 一种可信可控网络中自治域一致性视图构建的机制与方法, 2012.6.18, 中国, 201210201247.0 (专利)

  12. 罗军舟; 曲延盛; 王鹏; 李伟; 刘波; 蒋健, 一种域内集中资源控制方法, 2012 .10.30, 中国, 201210422974.X (专利)

  13. 罗军舟; 曲延盛; 王鹏; 李伟; 刘波; 蒋健, 一种域间分布式资源控制方法, 2012.10.30, 中国, 201210421953.6 (专利)

  14. 罗军舟; 张璐; 杨明; 刘波; 何高峰, 超文本传输协议1.1下的隐藏服务定位方法, 2012.4.13, 中国, 201210108311.0 (专利)

  15. 罗军舟; 张璐; 杨明; 刘波; 何高峰, 被动模式下的隐藏文件传输服务定位方法 , 2012.5.16, 中国, 201210152929.7 (专利)

  16. 曹玖新; 罗军舟; 杨靖; 钱玉侠; 刘波; 东方, 一种基于效益折扣和议题关联的 Web服务协商方法, 2011.01.01, 中国, 201110349179.8 (专利)

  17. 曹玖新; 罗军舟; 杨靖; 刘波; 东方, 一种基于约束规则的服务恢复方法, 2011 .01.01, 中国, 201110349574.6 (专利)



Objected Oriented Programming(1)

    This course is an important foundational required course. The object of this course is to make students master the programming principle and methods deeply based on Programming language and basic. This course provides students with a comprehensive study of the C++ Programming Language. The course stresses the object paradigm and method, and enables students predominate the skill of programming coding, debugging, and running. Lab exercises reinforce the lectures.

Computer Network

    Including computer network architectures, protocols, and applications. Internet congestion control, addressing, and routing, Local area networks.