The early days of sound analysis, with and without Fourier 傅立叶变换与早期声音分析研究


报告时间:2024年6月5日(周三) 15:00


报告人:Patrick Flandrin 教授 法国里昂高等师范学院


报告人简介:Patrick Flandrin教授,法国科学院院士、法国国家科学研究中心(CNRS)主任研究员、法国里昂高等师范学院教授、东南大学“名誉教授”、IEEE会士、欧洲信号处理学会会士。2019至2022年,历任法国科学院副院长、院长。2009至2019年,担任法国信号和图像处理学会主席。长期致力于信息与信号处理方面研究工作,在非平稳信号时频分析、多分辨率小波分析等领域取得了卓越成就和重要贡献。曾获国际光学工程学会“小波先驱奖”、IEEE信号处理学会“技术成就奖”、 法国国家科学研究中心银奖、法国荣誉军团骑士勋章等重要奖项。发表相关学术论文300余篇(H-Index68),并撰写了多本专著,如《时频分析探索》(剑桥大学出版社,2018年)。

报告摘要:In his seminal work, first published in 1811, Joseph Fouri er was primarily concerned with the building of an analyti c theory of heat, but it was realized soon after that the ex pansion methods he developed for this purpose had pote ntial applications far beyond, in physics as well as in mat hematics. This was in particular the case for sounds whic h, in the middle of the XIXth century, were the object of a quest for graphical representations in time and/or in frequ ency, thanks to dedicated devices. One apparatus desig ner, Rudolph Kœnig, was particularly instrumental in suc h studies, in the two domains. On the one hand, he built an actual Fourier analyzer based on resonators, manom etric flames and mirrors. On the other hand, he collaborat ed with Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville, an amateur w ho pioneered the project of a « phonautograph » that, in 1857, permitted the first ever recording of a human voice in the form of a graph on a paper sheet. Whereas Scott's objective was transcription and not restitution (as it will b e the case with Edison's phonograph), some of his sound graphs have been recently scanned and digitized, allowin g us to actually hear Scott singing. Beyond exposing the early days of Fourier-based sound analysis and reviving t he forgotten memory of Scott, intertwining those comple mentary approaches via Kœnig is believed to offer a way of revisiting issues such as the physical significance of F ourier modes, or the questionable necessity of their use as features in modern recognition systems.

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