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The School of Computer Science and Engineering, College of Software Engineering, Southeast University, formerly known as the Department of Calculating Apparatus and Technology, was established in 1960. The Department of Calculating Apparatus and Technology developed the first digital integral machine in China and has applied it in national defense and industrial automation with fruitful achievements. The School began offering full time courses leading to the awards of Bachelor degrees, Master degrees and Doctorate degrees in 1960, 1979 and 1990, respectively. The Department of Calculating Apparatus and Technology was renamed to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in 1981 and the School of Computer Science and Engineering in 2006.

The School of Computer Science and Engineering of has three departments, i.e., the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Computer Engineering and the Department of Imaging Science and Technology. The School is entitled to award doctorate degrees on the first-level discipline “Computer Science and Technology”, including all three second-level disciplines: “Computer System Architecture”, “Computer Software and Theory” and “Applied Computer Technology”. The School is also entitled to award doctorate degrees on “Image Processing and Scientific Visualizations” and “Software Engineering”. The School has three national and provincial top-priority disciplines, i.e. the provincial Priority Academic Program Development first-level discipline “Computer Science and Engineering”, the national key second-level discipline “Applied Computer Technology” and the provincial key first-level discipline “Computer Software and Theory”. The first-level discipline “Computer Science and Technology” is ranked 17th/120 in China. The School is ranked top 1% in the world according to the Essential Science Indicators.

The College of Software Engineering, among the first national demonstrative software education institutes, was established in 2001 and began offering courses in 2002.

The School of Computer Science and Engineering has a young and united team of 134 staffs, including 1 Academician of The Chinese Academy of Engineering (Professor Li Youping, a prominent scientist of electronic and communication technology), 1 Cheung Kong Scholar Professor, 7 Trans-Century/New-Century Talents of Ministry of Education, 4 Provincial Trans-Century Academic Leaders, 1 Provincial “333” Project Young Chief Scientist, 2 Provincial “333” Project Technology Leaders, 2 Provincial “333” Project Leading Engineer, 4 Young Mainstay Teacher of Ministry of Educations, 5 Provincial Young Mainstay Teachers, 1 Provincial Excellent Teacher, 1 “Cheung Kong” Innovation Team of Ministry of Education, 1 provincial Innovation Team, 19 doctoral supervisors, 24 professors and 47 associate professors.

The School of Computer Science and Engineering has a number of interdisciplinary research facilities, including: Key Laboratory of Computer Network and Information Integration of Ministry of Education, Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Computer Networking Technology, Sino-France Biomedical Information Research Center, 863/CIMS Laboratory of Network and Database Engineering, China Education and Research Network Regional Center. The School also has a number of interdisciplinary laboratories, including: Southeast University CIMS Technology Center, Laboratory of Image Science and Technology, E-Commerce Research and Develop Center, Center of Information Security Technology, Research Center of Future Network, Southeast University – IBM Cloud Computing Center.

The School strives for excellence in research and aims to produce innovative research outputs that are relevant to industry and society. In the past 10 years, the School has received more than 250 research grants, including more than 160 National Natural Science Funds, National 973 Projects, National 863 Projects, National Science and Technology Key Projects as well as projects of Ministry of Education and Jiangsu Province. The School has received 1 International Industrial Advance Award, 8 National Science and Technology Advance Award and more than 20 Ministry/Provincial Awards. The School has also published more than 1800 research papers in international and national academic conferences and journals. More than 1000 research papers are indexed by SCI, EI and ISTP.

The School focuses on providing high quality undergraduate and postgraduate students to the society. The aim of student development is to reinforce fundamentals, based on systematic knowledge and application oriented. The Computer Science and Engineering program was awarded the first provincial brand program and national key program and has also certified by the national engineering education committee. The Computer Education Experiment Center is a national and provincial experimental education center. Database Principles was awarded national excellent course.

Featured in Computer Networking Technologies, the School conducts various disciplines of research and development. The qualities of education and academic research are both among the best in China. According to the report of authorities, the undergraduate and postgraduate programs of first-level discipline “Computer Science and Engineering” are both A+ level and ranked 8th in China.

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