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Postgraduate major in EnglishComputer Science and Technology

Discipline Code: 0812

Brief Introductionto Discipline

The Computer Science and Technology discipline of Southeast University, originated from the major of Solution Technology and Installation established in 1960, has a national first-level discipline doctoral program, post-doctoral mobile station and distinguished professor position of Ministry of Education of China. It is also a superior and key discipline of JiangsuProvince,in which “computer application technology” is a national key discipline. In September 2017, the “Computer Science and Technology” discipline was selected as the “Double-Class” National Key Construction Discipline. At the end of the same year, the “Computer Science” entered the top 1‰ rank of the ESI discipline in the world, and the latest ranking in July 2019 was the 16th in the world ( 2ndplace in mainland China universities). This discipline has some scientific research bases,such as the Key Laboratory of Computer Network and Information Integration of the Ministry of Education, the Key Laboratory of Computer Network Technology of Jiangsu Province, the Key Laboratory of Network and Information Security of Jiangsu Province, the Sino-French Biomedical Information Research Center, the East (North) China Regional Center of China Education and Research Network, and so on. After nearly 60 years of construction, a situation has been formed, where computer network technology and its application is featured and the entire discipline is coordinated developing rapidly. It ranks among the top in the field in terms of discipline status, scientific research, teaching quality and talent training.

Cultivation Objectives

Through the study of master’s stage, students will basically master Chinese and deeply understand Chinese culture. And then,students will have a solid theoretical foundation and systematic professional knowledge, and can independently carry out scientific research and solve technical problems, with a good spirit of cooperation, strong communication skills, critical thinking, innovative thinking and international vision.Students will be competent in scientific research and system development in computer science and technology, and promote international academic exchanges and talent training.

Research Directions

Future network and network security, cloud computing and big data, computer system architecture, artificial intelligence and its applications, complex network and social computing, image processing and scientific visualization

Period of schooling

3 years


Public Compulsory Courses

-- Introduction to China

-- Chinese Language


Specialized Compulsory Courses

-- Algorithm Design and Analysis

-- Database Management System and its Implementation

-- Computer Network Architecture

-- Pattern Recognition


Specialized Elective Courses

-- Seminar on Web Science

-- Professional Lectures

-- Advanced Algorithm Analysis

Integrated Quality Training

--Innovation and Entrepreneurship PracticeContests, teaching practice, publishing papers, patent and software copyright, etc.

-- Lectures on Humanities and Scientific LiteracyStudents are required to attend at least three lectures, including compulsory lectures on academic atmosphere construction, law and psychological health.

-- Academic Activity Participation and Academic Writing PracticeStudents are required to participate in at least two academic activities, and write one academic paper. At least one academic report will be given at the school level and above.


Literature Reading

Students are required to read at least 50 literatures related to their thesis and research direction, and write a review.

Thesis Writing

In addition to compliance with the school rules, the thesis must be written in a systematic and complete manner, presenting clear concepts, correct arguments, realistic description, concise writing structure, smooth and concise writing style, correct calculation, reliable data, and clear icons.

Thesis academic level

On the basis of investigation and research, the thesis should select topics that have certain academic value and have certain significance for the development of the national economy. The research period around the thesis is no less than one year, and it has achieved certain research results. It can reflect that the graduate students have mastered the solid basic theory and systematic professional knowledge, and have the ability to independently carry out scientific research and solve technical problems.

The applied for a master's degree in this subject should meet the requirements for the grant of the Master's degree in School of Computer Science and Engineering of Southeast University.


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